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Accommodation in Barcelona and Spain

Our comprehensive database is compiled from the large selection of exquisite accommodation available in answer to your Catalonian comfort,rural, city, beach or indeed mountainous locations await to accommodate a full

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Adventure and sport activities in Barcelona and Catalonia

Depending on the individual boundaries of the thrill seeker a multitude of activities can be realised in Catalonia, home to a diverse range of terrains and unlimited adventure possibilities we provide the arena

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Business and Conference events in Barcelona

Qualified incentive destination management consultants with the experience to construct relevant programs in a format suited to theme. Opening doors beyond and above the call of duty. Providing the confidence, experience

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City tours in Barcelona

Innovative 360° surround sound city experiences tailored toward client interest. Explore the city of transformation and discover an array of visual and thought provoking exhibits, each regarding the trials and

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Educational travel arrangements in Barcelona

Communication through shared material opens travel based projects to the best possible outcomes. Original programs tailored toward current class topic combined with group down time and fun outdoor sport and activities.

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Excursions in Catalonia

A relatively compact Spanish region covering an area of 32000 square kilometres means exploring a good proportion of the different provinces of Catalonia is entirely possible regardless of length of stay. Take the time

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Food and beverage in Barcelona

A Spanish region priding itself on culinary individualism. Catalonia’s agricultural history and sea harbour combine unleashing a unique combination of flavour to the culture of food and drink. Including local dishes of

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Private transportation in Barcelona

Logistically planned transportation to guide you around the Spanish region of Catalonia. City airport pick ups deliver clientele from point to point in a range of vehicles covering a varied selection of class and capacity.

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Special Occasions events organisation in Barcelona

It’s the little things we find important when organising group gatherings and romantic occasions. Catering provided for a host of celebrations. Bring your ideas to life creating memory’s that last a life time. Giving a

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Safe Journey Barcelona is an established independent inbound European travel agent and specialised incentive DMC tour operator committed to client choice and efficient travel solutions. Our ambition as an established independent inbound European travel agent and specialised incentive DMC tour operator is to provide trade transparency combined with the freedom to marry client expectation to quality original products.

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